Cattle farming in Hengoed

Since moving to the Gelliargwellt Farm in 1901, the farm has been the centre for all operational activities. Bryn Group was originally a mixed arable and livestock farm specialising in dairy farming, while expanding and diversifying. Bryn Recycling was later established to reclaim old colliery workings, not only for improving pastures and providing more grazing for the cattle, but also for increasing the safety of the fields.

Farming specialists

In the middle of the South Wales coalfields, the farm bore the scars of a highly industrialised past with the remains of four collieries that were worked between the 1800s and 1918. One of the major effects of such a history was the risk of shallow seams collapsing and sink holes opening up making the land dangerous for people working and enjoying the countryside and for the cattle that grazed the land. A family story about a cow missing from milking one morning, only to be discovered dazed and confused but unhurt in the bottom of a sink hole, highlights the challenges this land presented.

Price and Co Farming and the Bryn Group companies are closely connected. Bryn Recycling provides high-quality animal bedding from the converted sawdust. Bryn Aggregates provides stone and Bryn Power uses the cow slurry to produce renewable energy, before supplying the farm with a natural fertiliser in the form of digestate.
cow in the farm

Well-maintained farm

Price and Co Ltd regularly invest in new technologies for the milking parlour and the health monitoring collars, while keeping the traditional practices intact. We repair and build stone walls around the farm using materials from our own quarry. These walls provide a habitat for a wide range of wildlife and shelter for the livestock. Our farm also has cow tracks which prevent damage to the ground from poaching. This also helps to keep the cows healthy by keeping them cleaner and dryer in the wet weather.
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Healthy and comfortable cattle

In order to maintain our herd’s health and eliminate the risk of transferable infections and disease, our farm is operated as a closed farm, with only stock bulls being bought from other farms. All our replacement heifers are reared in house, along with dairy and beef cross calves. The calves are sold at local markets or to Sainsbury’s beef producers directly. We are proudly associated with Sainsbury’s milk producer, currently supplying their South Wales stores with 3,000,000 litres of milk annually. We constantly improve the environment the cows live to make sure they are healthy.
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