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food waste recycling and electricity in South Wales

Are you looking for an authorised recycling centre for converting food waste into electricity? You can get in touch with the Bryn Group for more details.

Efficient household and commercial waste disposal

Our Anaerobic Digestion plant (AD) converts food waste and cattle slurry into renewable low carbon electricity and supplies power to houses and businesses across South Wales. Our de-packaging system can process all types of food waste from plate left overs to rejected transport food pallets and liquids. All removed packaging is recycled. We offer complete secure destruction services for branded commercial wastes. 
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Effective waste management

We produce the electricity through a natural biological process called Anaerobic Digestion. In this process, we remove any contaminants form the food waste and blend it with cattle slurry and whey to make a “food soup”. 

The soup is then fed into our anaerobic digester along with an energy crop called maize and more cattle slurry. This mix of feeds insure that the microbes in the digester get a balance diet for them to grow and reproduce. As the microbes grow and reproduce they produce natural Methane gas called biogas. 

We burn the biogas in two biogas engines. They turn two generators that between then produce 1MW of renewable electricity 24/7. This electricity is used on site and sent to the national grid that supplies electricity to South Wales. The engines also produce heat that is used on site to keep the anaerobic digester at body temperature and to run the pasteuriser. 

 The microbes don’t only produce Biogas, they also produce a natural biofertiliser called Digestate. The Digestate we use on our home farm to grow grass for our dairy herd. We then receive all the cattle slurry back to make more electricity and more Digestate.
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Waste recycling specialist

At Bryn Power, we work to the highest possible standards to ensure that all our products are safe. We were awarded PAS110 for our safety and quality of our Digestate in February 2017 and ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 in June 2015. We are ABP registered to process all category three and pre-treated category two food waste. Please see downloads for the full list of ABP categories accepted and EWC waste codes. 
For food waste recycling in South Wales, call our staff on 
Accounts :  01443 838 121 or
Weighbridge : 01443 878 896

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