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Modern farming, exemplary animal welfare

Meet the prize-winning dairy cows at the heart of Gelliargwellt Uchaf Farm.

long line of dairy cows feeding from a trough

Price and Co. Farming

The Price family moved to Gelliargwellt Farm in 1902, and it’s been the core of our business ever since. Originally a mixed livestock farm, we have specialised in dairy farming since the 1980s while diversifying our other activities. 

Price and Co Farming is separate from Bryn Group but inextricably linked because we use renewable electricity and heat generated by Bryn Power, the herd sleeps on bedding dried by wood from Bryn Recycling and we use hardcore from Bryn Aggregate to build our sheds and yards. In turn, the cattle produce the slurry that goes into the anaerobic digester to produce electricity and biofertiliser.

About the herd

Our milking herd contains around 650 Holstein Friesian cows. That’s the traditional black and white cows most associated with milk production in the UK, although you will occasionally see a red and white cow, which is a bit like the gene that causes ginger hair in humans.

Our herd and practices at Price & Co Farming has seen us win numerous prizes over the years. In order to ensure the continuing health of our herd, we operate as a closed farm. This means that only stock bulls are brought in from other farms, and all replacement heifers are raised in-house. All bull black and whites and beef cross calves are sold at local markets.

some of our dairy herd lined up behind a wall looking over

Milk production

We are proud to be a part of the Sainsbury’s Milk Development Scheme, supplying six million litres annually to stores across South Wales. Our milk is produced to the highest British food standards and is tested monthly for quality, fats and proteins. This ensures less than 5% fat, high protein and a vitamin-rich product. Perfect for your morning cuppa.

Land management

We use modern farming techniques, like our rotary parlour but also keeps alive the traditional practices, such as building and repairing our own walls using stone from our quarry.

We also manage more than 350 hectares of pastures and grassland, which we cut to make the high-energy silage we feed to our cows. Those fields fertilised three or four times a year using the digestate biofertiliser produced during the anaerobic digestion process at Bryn Power.

farm clamp stacking hay bales at twilight

Animal welfare

Everything we do is designed to ensure that our cows are happy, healthy and productive, and we take a great deal of care over this. We are at the forefront of dairy welfare and management and make use of the latest technologies such as health monitoring ear tags to ensure our herd have a healthy environment to live in. Our regular inspections by Ministry Vets and Caerphilly Trading Standards consistently give us a clean bill of health.

Get in touch

For more information about Price and Co. Farming in Hengoed, please contact our friendly and helpful team today. We are proud to be part of the Bryn Group, and one of the leading dairy farms in South Wales.


Gelliargwellt Farm, Gelligaer, Hengoed, CF82 8FY


01443 878896


01443 838121

Price and Co. Farming Ltd, registered as a limited company in England and Wales under company number: 04366430.

Registered Company Address: Gelliargwellt Farm, Gelligaer, Hengoed, CF82 8FY.

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