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Turning waste into electricity and heat

Renewable, low-carbon power generation.

green power domes processing food waste etc.

Bryn Power

Our sustainable power generation company has been operating since 2016 when we turned on our state-of-the-art anaerobic digester and started producing low-carbon, renewable electricity. Today, Bryn Power process around 12,000 tonnes of food waste and the same amount of liquid cattle slurry from our farm, and turns that into electricity and British Standard PAS110 digestate biofertiliser.

Anaerobic digestion

We use a natural process called anaerobic digestions to generate power. All contaminants are removed from food waste, cattle slurry and whey are added, and the resulting “food soup” is fed into an anaerobic digester. This provides a perfect diet for microbes inside that produce methane biogas as they grow and reproduce.


We then burn the biogas in two engines that turn two generators producing 1MW of renewable electricity. We use this onsite, putting the rest into the national grid. The engines also produce heat which is used to keep the digester warm and run our pasteuriser.


After the process is complete, we are left with a natural fertiliser called digestate. This is used on the farm to grow energy-rich grass for the cattle, who produce the slurry that goes into the digester, completing the cycle.

The AD process is sealed from the moment the food waste is put into the system until it is pumped out and spread as fertiliser on our fields, which means less odours.

food waste being scooped up for processing


In addition to two domestic biomass boilers used in our farmhouses, we also have two industrial biomass boilers on site that are powered by waste wood that cannot be otherwise reused. 

The heat from one of those biomass boilers is used to dry cardboard and textiles, meaning we can recycle more waste produce. The other biomass is used to dry cattle bedding. That means it can be reused, which reduces waste and our dairy herd’s carbon footprint.


Our Mixed Recycling Facility (MRF) and food waste reception building both have photo voltaic (PV) solar panels installed on the roof, which generates electricity that is then used on site.

We are looking to increase the number of roof-mounted PV solar panels so that all of our buildings can generate renewable electricity.

tractor power spreading

Regulatory data

We collect data on how much food waste and cattle slurry we process each year, along with the electricity produced by the AD plant. Here's the latest data from 2022.

Get in touch

To find out more about our food waste disposal service, and how it creates renewable energy for the farm and the national grid, contact Bryn Power, part of the Bryn Group, today. Based in Hengoed, we deal with food waste from across South Wales.


Gelliargwellt Farm, Gelligaer, Hengoed, CF82 8FY


01443 878896


01443 838121

Bryn Power Ltd, registered as a limited company in England and Wales under company number: 07943843.

Registered Company Address: Gelliargwellt Farm, Gelligaer, Hengoed, CF82 8FY.

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