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Bryn Quarry - monitoring data

Updated: Jan 29

Updated: 15.12.2023

Activity carried out by Bryn Aggregates in our sandstone quarry is carefully monitored to make sure we adhere to our planning permission and recognised safety limits. We monitor three key areas: Air Quality, Ground Vibration, and Air-overpressure (shockwave)

Air Quality & Dust

We have a fixed monitoring station set up between the quarry and the villages to record air quality and PM10 and PM2.5 particulates (dust). On the whole, air quality is good and normally better when the wind blows from Gelliargwellt Uchaf towards Gelligaer and Pentbryn villages, than when it blows towards the farm from the villages.

You can see live air quality data on the AirOWeb website.

Blasting for Sandstone

We carry out controlled explosions at the quarry around 15 times each year. Each blast is carefully designed to break up the desired amount of high specification aggregate into workable blocks, which are then , washed and processed according to the requirements of our customer. We monitor every blast to check that the ground vibrations are within permitted levels and that air overpressure is safe.

The blasts at Bryn Aggregates are intentional too small to cause cosmetic or structural damage. Here is the data we posted online for the last few blasts:

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