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Want a WhatsApp Warning?

Residents who attended the Bryn Group liaison meetings have asked if we could send out text messages to give advanced warning of blasting in the quarry.

We have now set up a WhatsApp chat group that residents can join. We will post a warning message on the morning of a quarry blast once the explosives and detonators have been delivered to the site. That is ensure security and safety during transportation.

If you have a WhatsApp account, you can sign-up using the simple form on the Aagregates webpage:


Terms & Conditions

  1. By submitting your full name and WhatsApp enabled phone number, you will be added to out WhatsApp for Business chat. The chat is for blast notifications only.

  2. Bryn Group CANNOT be contacted via this chat. If you need to contact Bryn Group, please visit the Contact Us webpage.

  3. If you ever wish to opt out, it's as simple as removing yourself from the chat. For assistance with this, please follow this link:

  4. By continuing to be a member of this chat, you agree to Bryn Aggregates Ltd holding your name and phone number for the purpose of sending you blast notifications only.

  5. Bryn Aggregates will not use your information for any other purpose.

  6. Bryn Aggregates will not sell/give your information to any third party.

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