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Councillors and residents tour our site

Councillors from across Caerphilly county borough have benefitted from attending a series of visits to Gelliargwellt Uchaf Farm in Gelligaer to find out more about the Bryn Group’s operations on site.

The visits follow approval by Cabinet in October last year for the Bryn Group Liaison Group to be re-established, comprised of residents and other stakeholders, to address community concerns and for a programme of wider community engagement activity.

The Bryn Group operate a materials recovery facility, as well as a dairy farm, quarry, and an anaerobic digestion low carbon renewable electricity plant at the site. The site is complex with multiple operations and activities, which are in part regulated by the council’s environmental health and planning teams and partly by Natural Resources Wales.

The site visits for councillors were intended to offer an insight, particularly for those who hadn’t previously visited the site, into the scale of the site, the various operations taking place, the links to the council’s waste and recycling approach, and to address concerns or possible misconceptions about operations on site.

Cllr Sean Morgan, Leader of the Council was among a large number of councillors from across the political spectrum who attended the site visits. He said, “It was very worthwhile to visit the Bryn Group site and to see first-hand the various operations taking place there. This was an important step in seeing improved engagement between the various partners and the facility itself, and I would like to thank the proprietors for taking the time to offer us such an in-depth and interesting tour of the site”.

“We are very proud of the work that we do here at Bryn Group, and it was great to welcome the councillors to Gelliargwellt Uchaf to show them the breadth and scale of our operations.

Commenting on the visits and the re-establishment of the liaison group, Bryn Power's AD Plant manager, Jennifer Price, said: “We are very proud of the work that we do here at Bryn Group, and it was great to welcome the councillors to Gelliargwellt Uchaf to show them the breadth and scale of our operations. The questions asked and discussion that took place helped them gain a better understanding of the Bryn Group and the different processes taking place on site. It will be good to see the liaison group running again, and we look forward to welcoming the liaison group members to Bryn Group at the end of January.”

The first meeting of the re-established Bryn Group Liaison Group will take place later this month, with a site visit to the operation planned for members of the group in advance of that first meeting. Representatives from the various regulatory bodies, the Bryn Group, local elected members, the constituency Member of the Senedd, and resident representatives will attend to discuss issues, opportunities and further community engagement activity. A dedicated webpage will also share key outcomes and actions from the liaison group for residents and members of the public to view.

The first meeting of the re-formed Bryn Group Liaison Group is on Monday 30 January, so we were delighted to welcome local residents who will be part of the group to the farm on Friday 27 January, along with the group chair Cllr Nigel George and officers from Caerphilly environmental health.

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