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Future AD engineers visit Bryn Group

We’ve had a busy few weeks at the AD plant, where we welcomed four groups of students from the University of South Wales.

Bryn Power has a long-standing relationship with researchers at USW, which has conducted world-leading studies into susstaaunable energy and the use of anaerobic digestion.

In total, 86 students participated in the visits to get an up-close look at the anaerobic digestion plant, including a rare look inside the AD chambers before they are commissioned into use.

Bryn Power manager, Jen Price, said: “We look forward to working with this latest cohort of students as they progress their masters research projects around renewable energy. These are the next generation of AD plant designers and operators, and our partnership with USW has the potential to make a global impact.”

You can read more about their visit and the USW Masters programme here

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